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?Aside from wanting that practically everyone on board enjoys watching sea creatures such as sea turtles, dolphins, whales and manta rays, our specific approach is entangled and befriend with the idea that our sharing should have a REAL input in the direct well being and caring of said creatures, whilst respecting their environment with a conservationist scope and standpoint"

Our tours in Whale Watching Guatemala are absolutely one of a kind.

Being the pioneers for Whale Watching in Guatemala for already 10 years, we can offer you a unique blend of service before and after boarding for your Whale Watching experience in Guatemala. 

As in many other expanding markets and associated businesses alike, you will find some other newly emerging entrepreneurs who wish to emulate the charm of our service, but be certain to enjoy the best with those who know best of what you are after :  QUALITY, SERVICE  AND GUARANTEE in your marine venture for Whale Watching in Guatemala.

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